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Donate to Midwest Food Bank of Haiti

Special bulletin: Earthquake in Haiti. The Haitian government has reached out to all NGOs for assistance with food and supplies.  We are currently working on getting our next sea container shipped to Haiti as soon as possible. The Haitian administrator at Double Harvest near Port-au-Prince is working with government officials to immediately ship the 7 tons of food we have ready to send.

In 2020, we provided over 1 million meals to the people of Haiti. With the recent political turmoil, the assassination of the Haitian President, and now an earthquake – evacuation, medical supplies, and food are in high demand. Our goal is to ramp up our giving and step in during this chaotic time for the country.

At 25 cents per serving – we can provide ¼ million meals to the people of Haiti.

It costs $60,000 to ship a sea container full of food to Haiti

$100 buys 400 servings of Tender Mercies

To make a donation, click here, or scroll to the form below.

We will quickly ship as many nutritious meals and sea containers as our funding will support. Our many partners on the ground in Haiti will assist with distribution and identification of acute needs.

Midwest Food Bank appreciates every gift received—gifts of any size, and now gifts of almost any kind.  Thanks to our partnership with iDonate, all types of gifts now have the opportunity to benefit the thousands we serve locally and around the world.

Various accumulated assets or items no longer needed can be very valuable for feeding those in need.  Non-cash gifts such as gift cards, jewelry, phones, tablets, vehicles, boats, precious metals, stocks, or commodities can provide significant financial support for the work of Midwest Food Bank.

With your help, we can do more. It’s EASY, SECURE, and full VALUE. Remember, your gift is tax-deductible, and there may be additional benefits in your location. 

Midwest Food Bank is thankful and blessed by all gifts. We acknowledge the restrictions for General Operations, Tender Mercies, Hope Packs, Trucks and Trailers, Debt Reduction, and Disaster Relief.  Any gift with notations outside the listed restrictions will be used for the general operations of the organization. Midwest Food Bank's full gift policy is here.