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Midwest Food Bank Haiti begins

Midwest Food Bank is pleased to announce plans for a new location in Haiti. The Haiti division, founded in December 2017 is Midwest Food Bank's ninth division and second international division.

The initial focus is to provide or supplement Haitian faith-based school lunch programs. This will allow the schools to redirect limited funds from food to increasing enrollments. School lunches are often the only nutritious meal students eat daily, and not only contribute to the children's overall health, they positively influence academic attendance and performance.

Tender Mercies, a Midwest Food Bank produced food packet, will be one of the meals provided. A packet of Tender Mercies contains rice, beans, textured vegetable protein and chicken seasoning. Boiling water is all that is needed to make the nutritious meal.

In communities where church and school leaders identify severely malnourished families, this packaged meal will also be extended to that vulnerable demographic. In addition, orphanages and medical clinics may receive the meals.

"Meeting the needs of the people of Haiti fits perfectly with our mission to alleviate hunger," says David Kieser, President and founder of Midwest Food Bank. "We look forward to sharing our blessings and bringing hope to them."

Midwest Food Bank was founded in rural Bloomington in 2003. There are locations in Illinois, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, and Nairobi, Kenya. 

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