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MFB Haiti, The Luken Foundation bringing hope

God spoke to a man in Texas and a man in Haiti, and together they are answering the call to help people in the largest slum in Haiti. This partnership happens through the Luken Foundation - named after the young Haitian man, Luken Ermilus (learn more here). Midwest Food Bank is thankful to play a part in this ministry, but first, we need to tell you the incredible story of how the Luken Foundation came about.

Ricky Burge, from Texas, went to Haiti on a mission trip. Little did he know that God would want him to do so much more. He met Luken Ermilus, a medical student who wanted to use his medical training to help people in his own country. He soon realized that he wanted to do more than help people physically. Luken hoped to improve their lives educationally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Ricky made it his mission to help Luken with his vision. Their work is in a Haitian slum that is 8 square miles and has no sewer system or electricity. Trucks deliver water each day. The conditions provide little hope for the estimated 200,000 to 400,000 people that live there.

The Luken Foundation started a school where children can grow through learning the ABCs and hearing the story of Jesus. This is where these children get their one meal of the day - Tender Mercies, a Midwest Food Bank meal that supports learning by providing much-needed nutrition.

We shouldn't be amazed at how God brings a man from Texas, a young Haitian man, and Midwest Food Bank together; it's how He works. The Luken Foundation says it best: "We believe sharing the gospel in this way has and will, continue to teach them that through Jesus Christ, truly all things are possible no matter the circumstances they find themselves in."

To support Tender Mercies meals in Haiti, click here to make a donation today.

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Thursday, 27 January 2022

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