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A new look for Tender Mercies

Tender Mercies meals are designed by dieticians to be more than a rice and beans meal. There is nutrition in every bag. Every serving of Tender Mercies has:

• The calcium of one glass of milk
• The iron of two and a half cups of spinach.
• The potassium of two bananas.
• The protein of 3 ounces of fish.

With such a nutritious product, MFB wondered how it was being received. We recently surveyed some Tender Mercies recipients for feedback.

The Good News. People like Tender Mercies for all the right reasons: good taste, high nutrition, and ease of preparation.
Need Improvement. Tender Mercies packaging gave the impression of being food pantry food.

Listening to this feedback, MFB took the opportunity to restore dignity to our food recipients. We are rolling out a fresh, new design for Tender Mercies packaging.

How we did it

MFB leveraged the expertise of a third-party design firm from Indianapolis. Specializing in food packaging, they offered advice and design concepts. Using internal creative resources, we developed new branding and positioning statements. Lastly, MFB developed marketing materials to promote the wholesome nutrition of Tender Mercies.

What's next?

We are currently preparing the new bag design for production. Our communications are changing to reflect a price increase to 25¢ per serving. This covers the raw materials to produce Tender Mercies. MFB does not include our overhead in the price. Tender Mercies will be the focus of our Giving Tuesday campaign in November.

You may learn more about Tender Mercies and support our efforts here. 

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