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Kellogg a valuable partner of Midwest Food Bank

Cereal and related products (granola and breakfast bars) are great things for Midwest Food Bank to give to our partner nonprofits. They are shelf-stable, appeal to all ages, and support three of our main programs: Food for Nonprofits, Disaster Relief, and Hope Packs. In the past, we would purchase these products. That's one reason we are so thankful for our partnership with Kellogg Company.

The relationship began in 2018 and has grown stronger since then. Kellogg Company has become the most reliable food donor for Midwest Food Bank. They support all ten US divisions of MFB. In addition to cereal and breakfast items, they donate a wide variety of products from plant-based meat to snack-pack foods.

"Kellogg has been a great partner for all of our programs," says Mike Hoffman, Inventory and Logistics Director of Midwest Food Bank. "It has been a blessing to build a relationship with them."

"At Kellogg, we're committed to fighting hunger to feed the potential of 375 million people by the end of 2030," says Stephanie Slingerland, Senior Director, Philanthropy and Social Impact. "This wouldn't be possible without valued partners like Midwest Food Bank providing critical hunger-relief support to communities across the country."

While Mike began the relationship with Kellogg, Brian Zink, Procurement Director of Midwest Food Bank, will be the point of contact moving forward. "Midwest Food Bank is incredibly appreciative of our partnership with Kellogg and the many donations they have provided to those in the community," says Brian. "I look forward to strengthening our partnership as we continue our mission to alleviate food insecurity."

While the food Kellogg provides is high-quality excess product, sometimes items arrive in bulk. Our dedicated volunteer teams repackage it so food pantries can easily distribute it. To find out what volunteer opportunities are available at your local Midwest Food Bank, click here. 

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