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MFB Arizona partner agency turned hurt into help

Grief was channeled into faithfulness 15 years ago when Georgina Johnston's two-year-old daughter passed away.

During that time, Georgina's sister suggested they do something for the Lord. That something was taking $500 of their own money to buy food, taking it to the streets of Phoenix, Chandler, and Mesa, and giving it to people who need it. That first week they were able to hand out about 25 bags of food containing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, snacks, and drinks.

They didn't stop there. Week after week, they kept going out with food to do something for the Lord. Shortly after they started their ministry, they connected with Phoenix Rescue Mission and learned how to move forward and continue to serve more people. Today, their food ministry is part of New Life Full Gospel Church, and they receive food from Midwest Food Bank Arizona without charge. They continue to take the food to the streets.

After the first year of their ministry, Georgina and her sister were invited to an award celebration in Phoenix. The theme of the celebration was based on the fruit of the spirit, and their ministry was given the "faithfulness" award due to their faithful year of service. As they were presented with the award, a gentleman in the audience stood up and shared how thankful he was for this ministry and the Lord. Georgina and her sister handed him a bag of food as he was standing on a bridge, about to take his own life. That bag of food and their encouragement changed his mind.

"I looked at my sister and said, 'We can never stop doing this,'" says Georgina.

Fifteen years later, they continue to model the fruit of faithfulness.

"This is an amazing example of what one person can do when they have a passion to serve others in need," says Merilee Baptiste, Executive Director of MFB Arizona. "We are blessed to have partners like New Life."

"I am so thankful for Midwest Food Bank," says Georgina. "They supply our ministry monthly with the items needed for these food bags. These items we receive from MFB make it much easier to remain faithful." 

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