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MFB celebrates the contributions of volunteer truckers

At Midwest Food Bank, we are surrounded by unsung heroes every day. Our business model relies heavily on a strong volunteer base. Volunteers fill many roles, such as bookkeeper, receptionist, file clerk, building maintenance, forklift operator, cook, volunteer leader, food distributor. These vital jobs are done with love, warmth, and joy as people bring their passion and talents to support the MFB mission.

Last week, September 12-18, was National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Midwest Food Bank recognizes the volunteers who keep food moving to serve others. Our volunteer truck drivers retrieve important food donations from grocery stores, wholesale hubs, and manufacturers. Without them, we would have no food to give away.

Here are just a few of the many volunteer truck drivers MFB appreciates and recognizes.

Tim Benson

Tim schedules maintenance, ensures the cleanliness of the trucks/trailers, and monitors fluid levels to ensure safety. In 2020, he drove over 170,000 miles rescuing food for hungry people in need.

Fred Zimmerman

"I enjoy driving and try to help out once a week. I'm thankful for MFB and the dedication of all involved and being part of this great organization trying to alleviate hunger and suffering."

Roger Kennell

"I have enjoyed meeting new people and seeing interesting parts of the country. It is humbling to have fellow volunteers and those who receive food boxes lay hands on you and pray for your safety and wellbeing. That has happened a number of times, and it gives encouragement and purpose to what we do. I think that is what I like best, the interactions with people involved with all sides of this enterprise."

Bob Dean

"My goal in retirement is to balance my God-given time between service, family gatherings, and travel. I started volunteering at Midwest Food Bank because its mission is so vital to the common welfare of humanity - providing food for the needy. Meeting and working alongside so many other wonderful and interesting community members is a great way to remain engaged during retirement. A smart mentor once told me that time passes quickly so use it wisely. Volunteering at Midwest Foodbank is a great way for heeding that advice."

Don and Kathy Dykes

Don and Kathy just celebrated 40 years of marriage. Before they became worship pastors, they traveled and sang with a southern gospel quartet and youth drama team. Don and Kathy love to serve others, travel, and enjoy volunteering with others that are like-minded and hearted. "Glory to God for all he has done!"

Dennis Sevier

I love Midwest and meeting all the people who have the same value of helping people when they are in need. I especially enjoy meeting all the volunteers I get to meet.

Gary Eller

"I'm impressed with Midwest Food Bank's mission and effectiveness. Everyone I meet there inspires me. I cannot imagine not being a part of Midwest Food Bank. I am grateful to be able to use my years of experience as part of this amazing team."

Eddie Pearcy

"I worked in the trucking industry 40 years before retiring. My wife and I and family had been so blessed, I wanted to give back after retiring. I found being a volunteer driver for Midwest Food Bank is a perfect way for me to give back."

George Axford

"Volunteering at Midwest Food Bank allows me to give something back - an opportunity to serve our Lord and his people. I enjoy the fellowship with all the volunteers who band together to make this happen. It's uplifting to be around joy-filled people. At the end of the day, I feel the Lord tapping on my shoulder. It's a great feeling."

Brandon Letner

supports MFB not only with driving the truck, but he also does community outreach for MFB. He is truly a blessing to all he meets.

Dave Tompkins

"I appreciate the positive attitude of staff at Midwest Food Bank. It's exciting to be a small part of picking up donations and distributions. Go MFB!"

Ray Slick

"I love to help others! As a Midwest Food Bank volunteer driver, I can use my 20 years of commercial driving experience to help many in need. It's a win-win for our community and me!"

Shannon Thompson

"After retiring from my job of over 40 years recently, I made the decision to use my driving experience to make a difference in my community. Driving for Midwest Food Bank` has been a life-changing experience. I now have a loving, caring family here at MFB and a renewed purpose and focus for the days ahead."

Randy Blum

"I try to follow God's word to help others. Midwest Food Bank gives me that opportunity in a big way. "It makes you feel good to be a small part of the thousands of people that get help from MFB. What makes MFB successful is the people that work there. They are such wonderful, Christian individuals who really appreciate all of the volunteers and show their appreciation."

John Bozdech

"I love getting out and seeing different parts of the country. I hope I am helping in a small way."

Richard Tanner

"I learned to drive trucks while serving in Vietnam. I have grown to enjoy driving, and it allows me to see the countryside!"

Steve Thurman

"God has blessed me with a skill for driving a semi-truck and the flexibility in schedule to serve. So, I feel like it's my honor to give back to His Kingdom for the blessings He's given to me. I particularly enjoy going on disaster runs because this allows me an opportunity to make an impact directly and to witness for Him to those in their time of need."

Randy Stisser

Randy likes being able to help others by doing something he enjoys!

Godwin Edwin Okumu Matswa

Godwin's experience when driving the truck for MFB East Africa has been fulfilling. He picks up donations and takes them to our partners, most of whom are in the informal settlements (slums).

"The joy the children show while appreciating the food cannot be taken for granted. God's protection is also a testimony since I have never faced any security threats. I am committed to being used as a symbol of hope."

Jim Plattner

I volunteer because I'm still working on being more Christ-like by trying to love my neighbor as I do myself. James 1:27 reminds me that pure and undefiled religion is helping those who don't have the capacity of helping themselves.

Dan Bahler

"It is my desire to give back to the community in some way, and driving a semi was something I enjoy doing. Working with all the people involved in MFB has been a wonderful experience. I love driving, and I am happy to give my time to 'share the blessings.'"

Al Lerfeld

"At the end of every day that I work, I feel so gratified that I have helped people who are less fortunate to have good nutritious food that MFB has provided for them. I have met so many other volunteers who give their time and contributions to help others. All workdays are fun, and it is great to get in the 'big rig' and hit the road. I have been so blessed in my lifetime, now it is time to give back."

Larry and Deb Kreeger

Larry and Deb Kreeger have become 'regulars' on our Harlan, KY, distribution load runs. They both have a huge heart for the Lord and have fallen in love with the mission of MFB as well as Christ Hand's in Harlan. Larry and Deb even used the opportunity to do a Christmas toy drive for kids for families in need and found the perfect spot in the truck to deliver added joy in recent years.

Pete Brown

"God has blessed my family and me so graciously that I feel the need to serve Him in whatever capacity I can. All the volunteers are here because they want to be, and the joy of serving shows on their faces and in their attitudes. To God be the glory!"

"We are grateful for all the truck drivers transporting loads for Midwest Food Bank," says Brian Zink, Procurement Director for MFB. "From food donation pick-ups to disaster relief deliveries, their steadfast commitment helps us carry out our mission of sharing the love of Christ by distributing food to those in need." 

We salute these and the many other volunteer truck drivers who serve at Midwest Food Bank. 

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