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MFB Morton volunteer sees a bigger picture

Dave operating the Tender Mercies machine
A Midwest Food Bank Morton volunteer sees the big picture when it comes to getting food to people that need it. Dave not only volunteers at MFB but also at Hidden Manna Food Pantry in Peoria. Hidden Manna is one of the nonprofits that receive food, without charge, from MFB.

Hidden Manna is always in need of boxes to distribute food to their clients. At MFB, Dave operates the Tender Mercies machine, which produces high-quality, low-cost, nutritious meal packets. The ingredients that go into Tender Mercies come in boxes. That's when Dave connected the dots.
"Dave had the great idea to re-purpose the boxes to fill a need at Hidden Manna," says Brent Reddish, Operations Manager at MFB Morton. "The boxes are cut in half and re-taped to create two boxes to distribute food to the clients."
Dave volunteers at Hidden Manna because it is Christ-centered. "I knew some of the folks there, and it is a good opportunity to get in close contact with the recipients of MFB goods," says Dave. "The clients that receive the food really appreciate it, which is an encouragement to us."

Volunteers like Dave bring time and talent at their heart of service to MFB. Their ideas and input are valuable, too.
"Dave is a loyal, dependable worker who came up with the idea of re-purposing the boxes," says Brent. "It is no surprise that he was thinking of a solution that greatly benefits all parties involved."

Interested in seeing a bigger picture? Volunteer opportunities abound at MFB. Click here to get started. 

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Young volunteer a blessing at MFB Morton
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