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Saul to Paul Ministries receives and gives to MFB Indiana

Who better to lead an addiction-recovery program than someone who has been through the program himself? That is the case for Anthony Thompson, Director of Saul to Paul Ministries of Ellettsville, Indiana. 

Saul to Paul is a 7-month residential discipleship program for men dealing with addictions. The men are "flooded with the Word of God" according to Anthony. "We give men the opportunity to confess their love for Christ," he says. "Then we help them build their personal relationship with Him so they can go out into the world and walk in obedience to Him."

Anthony Thompson

Serving the community is a part of the program. The men volunteer four hours a day, six days a week. Volunteer activities are wide-ranging, including roofing and splitting wood.

Don Sink, Anthony's father-in-law, founded Saul to Paul ministries. Don battled addictions himself and was not helped by treatment centers or programs. "Once he fell in love with Jesus, his life truly changed," says Anthony.  

In 2008, Anthony went through Saul to Paul as someone who struggled with addictions. He had not been a good husband or father, yet Don continued to invest in him. "My favorite part of Saul to Paul is that I've been through it myself," says Anthony. "I value the rules and curriculum because it changed my life."

Midwest Food Bank Indiana is one of the places the men in the program volunteer. "We are all selfish naturally, but a lot of these men have led very selfish lives," Anthony says. "Volunteering at MFB gives the men an opportunity to see the joy in giving of their time serving others for nothing in return."

Initially, Anthony volunteered at MFB as part of the Saul to Paul program. "My main purpose was to serve others," he says. "Jesus said if our enemy is hungry, we should feed him. How then should we serve the body of Christ?"

After going through the program, Anthony stayed on as an overseer (basically, "help") for the last 13 years. He would make sure the men were up, and help them with probation or court appearances. When Don passed away in May, Anthony stepped into the role of Director.

Now, Anthony's favorite part of volunteering at MFB is the people. He's met and served alongside many brothers and sisters in Christ. Some are no longer with us, but he looks forward to seeing them in heaven.

Eight to fifteen men have to be fed three meals a day, every day at Saul to Paul. "Midwest Food Bank provides well over 90% of our food," says Anthony. "Without MFB, God would have to do a major miracle to provide for Saul to Paul."

Midwest Food Bank Indiana is thankful both for the volunteer help and the ministry work of Saul to Paul Ministries. To read the testimonies of two men who were impacted by Saul to Paul, click here.

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Guest - Melvin E. Clark on Thursday, 05 August 2021 17:26

One great worker for the Lord Thank You for all you do

One great worker for the Lord Thank You for all you do
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