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Connecting with Dad at Midwest Food Bank

It's that time of year again. Articles with titles like "Top ten gifts for Dad" show up. They appear for a reason. It can be difficult finding a meaningful gift for a parent. Forgive us for adding one more suggestion to the mix.

Some truly unique and purposeful time spent with Dad would be a gift to both the giver and recipient. What dad wouldn't appreciate working alongside his son or daughter to help those in need? It's an opportunity to do something lasting together and build a deeper connection. Here are what some dads and a son have to say about volunteering together:

Mark and his son, Jake, recently spent some time volunteering together at Midwest Food Bank. They repackaged bulk foods, picked up donations from local bakeries, and filled food boxes for people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jake, a college student, found it fun to volunteer with his dad. "It brought us closer together doing hands-on work," says Jake. "The experience was great. Everyone was happy."

When his high school schedule allows, Josh spends one day a month volunteering with his grandpa, Dennis. They work together during food distribution, loading trucks and trailers with food.

"Doing this with Josh give us a connecting point – something positive we have in common, says Dennis. "We talk about the people we are helping by providing food through MFB."

Michael has a history of volunteering at numerous organizations with his daughters. About three years ago, he was made aware of the MFB mission. Last year he invited his daughters to volunteer with him. Soon, they were showing up to volunteer even on days Michael couldn't be there. His nephew has now joined the family volunteer team.

"I'm hoping to plant a seed of servitude," says Michael. "We can preach about it to our kids, but until they see us doing it, it's just words."

Volunteers like Jake, Mark, Josh and Dennis are vital to the success of Midwest Food Bank. For every MFB staff member there are 800 volunteers. This amazing help is how MFB can dedicate 99¢ of each dollar donated to feed the hungry.

What about you? Are you still looking for that perfect gift for the dad who has everything? Contact Midwest Food Bank about volunteer opportunities. Spend some time with your dad (or son/daughter) making the world a better place. Haven't volunteered at MFB before? Start here.

Unable to volunteer together? Make a donation in Dad's honor or memory. It's an ideal way to demonstrate the values he taught you. Click here to begin.

"The Midwest Food Bank mission is so easy to support," says Dennis. "I appreciate the opportunity to volunteer there." 

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