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MFB Haiti continues to serve a troubled population

MFB Haiti is seeing increased need every day. We are thankful for the Lord's provision as we work against overwhelming odds to help the hungry. Here is a look at what we are doing.

Please pray for Haiti as it endures a dire political, security, economic, and humanitarian crisis, spiraling deeper into mayhem each week. As gangs now control much of the country's food, water, and fuel, access to these commodities is challenging and unaffordable. Many Haitians have a tenuous grip on life that is in danger of slipping away.

Containers of goods and food are backing up at the port as gangs prevent clearing and distribution activities, and the country's leading fuel terminal has been blockaded since early September. Hospitals, businesses, schools, and transport services are grinding to a halt while protests and looting have intensified. According to Haiti's UN envoy, food aid warehouses have been targeted, with $5 million of food recently lost in repeated attacks.

The US has urged all citizens to exit Haiti, and the nominally functioning Haiti government recently requested foreign military assistance to curb gang violence and move the country toward a better security footing.

Against these significant odds, God is sovereign and has allowed MFB Haiti to deliver and distribute five sea containers of food YTD 2022 (over 100 tons, nearly 1.2 million servings). A sixth container currently sits in port at Cap Haitien. While food distribution is arduous and dangerous, faithful partners and pastors, with accounts of some walking 20 miles for a couple of boxes of food, continue to live out Matthew 25:35, "I was hungry, and you fed me."
In addition to leaning on our network of partners to share the gospel and feed the hungry, MFB Haiti continues to support child feeding centers near Pignon and Cap Haitien. We now serve 32 feeding centers (50 kids per center, 1,600 children total, ages 0-5).

In addition, over the summer, MFB Haiti established a new partnership near Les Cayes to package MFB's healthy Tender Mercies product in-country, purchasing locally grown beans and rice and adding the supplemental protein, vitamins, minerals, and seasoning. These supplemental ingredients are packaged in Morton, IL, and transported to Les Cayes in 25-serving packets to be packaged with locally grown beans and rice. These provide healthy meals to children through school hot lunch programs. This endeavor will provide a market and revenue for local farmers and fulfill an MFB Haiti goal to move toward more in-country, sustainable food sourcing. 

Join us in serving the needs through MFB Haiti. Learn more about our operations and make a  donation.

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