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MFB Indiana volunteer started early in life

Callie Marvel stands out as a beacon of hope in a world where selflessness can sometimes seem scarce. Her journey of service began in her youth when she attended birthday parties at the Midwest Food Bank Indiana. Those early experiences ignited a lifelong passion for helping others.

Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, Callie dedicated herself to MFB, joyfully giving her time to serve the community. In February 2022, she found herself with extra time and a desire to give back.

Callie started by volunteering on Fridays, initially organizing the kitchen and repacking bulk food and bread. Her dedication soon increased her visits to the food bank, and she became a vital part of the team.

"I have been able to meet all kinds of people, come out of my shell, and help the community," says Callie.

What makes Callie genuinely remarkable is her adaptability and eagerness to learn. She took on various roles, mastering tasks such as warehouse receiving, inventory management, group leadership, and even forklift operation. Surprisingly, driving a forklift became her favorite job.

What's even more impressive is Callie's age – she's only 19."She is such a bright light and in inspiration, inspiring other young people that see her at work here," says Marcie Luhigo, MFB Indiana Executive Director. "Young people can contribute in significant ways in their community, and God is using all of us."

Callie's smile as she operates the forklift clearly demonstrates the significance and purpose she finds in helping others. Her story reminds us that compassion knows no age boundaries. 

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