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MFB receiving thanks for COVID Disaster Relief

Midwest Food Bank has been shipping Disaster Relief all over the US since March (stories here and here). Family food boxes have have been helping people affected by business closures and layoffs.

Volunteers have been assembling, filling, and driving food boxes every week. The Tender Mercies packing machine has been running non-stop, setting new production records (story here).

How do people feel when they receive the food boxes? Here is a sampling of quotes from letters and voice-mails received from those blessed by the relief:

"This was such as blessing to me at this time of need. Thank you so much! GOD BLESS YOU!" -Bernice

"I just received my Family Food Box box from you today. It was hope, love, faith, and strength to go forward toward what is in store for me. So very timely. Thank you to the utmost." 

Voice Mail: "I know this is an Illinois number, which is odd 'cause. I live out here in Sassoon City, California. But I wanted to say thank you. I really. really, REALLY appreciate what you are doing. It helps out more than you could ever know. I am a single father of an 8-year-old daughter. I greatly appreciate what you do. Thank you. I wanted to say thank you. We greatly, GREATLY appreciate it. You are amazing. Thank you. This kind of thing is really helpful. Thank you. Thank you and God bless. Thank you." -Tim

Voice Mail: "I just went and picked up my food box.  I'm a Christian and I just want to thank you all so much for the food that you prepared to give us. I know it takes money and it takes time. You'll receive your reward in heaven. Have a wonderful day. God loves you." -John

Voice Mail: "Hello. I received a box of food and found a much needed note inside. I am new to the knowledge of Jesus, but I am awake. The world is a scary place and your note gave me hope. I would love for you to pray for me. I am weary.  Thank you in advance." - LeKesha

Midwest Food Bank offers our thanks to the many donors and volunteers supporting our Disaster Relief. You are making an impact in the lives of many. May these words of thanks encourage you.

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