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Safe environments for MFB volunteers and partners

Sharing the love of Christ by alleviating hunger is core to the mission of Midwest Food Bank. "Serving Those in Need" is the first of our values. Care for our food recipients is at the core of everything we do.

This same loving care extends to our volunteers, our nonprofit partners, and our staff. Providing a safe environment is one of the ways Midwest Food Bank demonstrates our regard for all. In 2021, we are focusing on evaluating and strengthening our current safety measures.

Jim Ommen and his wife, Christine, have served at MFB Peoria for years. They are regularly in the warehouse to help with distribution but are willing to help in any way.

"I appreciate all the safety measures MFB enforces," says Jim. "It is important to me and the other volunteers here."

Jim Ommen, volunteer at MFB Peoria, IL

"At MFB, we maintain a safety culture daily," says Monica Scheuer, Executive Director of Midwest Food Bank Peoria. "Safety protects our volunteers - our precious workforce."

We are thankful to have safe practices in place. Some of this year's targets will be recalling and supporting those disciplines. Visitors can still expect to:

• Wear gloves, hairnets, and other PPE when repackaging open food.

• Be reminded to be alert to their surroundings in the warehouse.

• Be required to wear closed-toe shoes in the warehouse.

• Hear safety reminders from lead volunteers and staff for projects and distribution.

At all MFB locations, several enhancements to our safety culture are being added. Some of these include:

• A safety champion at each location

• Updated and stocked first aid stations.

• AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators).

• CPR/AED training for volunteers and staff.

• Fork-lift training and annual certification.

Overseeing this effort is Mike Hoffman, Safety Champion for all of MFB.

"Intentional safety procedures perfectly dovetail all MFB values," says Mike.

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