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Board meeting focused on Head & Heart

Where there is no guidance, a people falls,
but in an abundance of counselors there is safety."
-Proverbs 13:14​​

Midwest Food Bank's National Board met for an annual strategy session in February. The gathering of the nine board members was a time to reflect on the MFB mission and faithfully look forward to the future. Humbled by the growth in the first 15 years of MFB, the team was energized anticipating God's work in year 16 and beyond. Facilitated by Eric Hodel, MFB COO/CFO, the board collaborated on MFB culture, employee and volunteer talent, measurements of success and growth strategies. Small group working sessions and larger group collaboration took place.

During the two days together, the board focused on people, starting with the people served through food distribution. There is a clear passion to alleviate the pain of those in hunger. Employees were a key topic, knowing they are the stewards of the MFB Mission. Many testimonies of faithful volunteers were shared by the board members. Active volunteers themselves, the group celebrated the impact volunteers have and prayed that MFB could continue to positively impact volunteers. 

A common theme of "Head and Heart" was expressed throughout the meeting. Using their heads, the board embraced the diverse experiences that brought unique perspectives to the table and in turn strengthened their work. With their hearts, they were united through a common faith. Their diversity of perspective and unity of heart strengthened the board's capacity to lead. The newest board member, Ann Kafer, HR VP of GROWMARK, commented, "I'm energized by the commitment of the board and the growth trajectory of Midwest Food Bank."

Pictured above: David Kieser, Founder and President, Ralph Endress, Jada Hoerr, Development and Relations Director, Bill Leman, Dave Hodel, Trent Scholl, Eric Sheldahl, Jim Gapinski, Ann Kafer, Denny Mott, Eric Hodel, COO/CFO
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Saturday, 20 August 2022