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Supporting safety in MFB trucks

Midwest Food Bank began an organization-wide focus on safety in 2021. Rather than being a one-time effort, this initiative is ongoing with specific goals. It was an opportunity to evaluate and strengthen safety measures already in place.

Mike Hoffman, MBF's Inventory and Logistics Director, leads the safety initiative. "Providing a safe work environment is in harmony with our mission and values," says Mike. "Establishing safety measures gives us peace of mind, knowing we're making secure spaces for volunteers, agency partners, and staff."

While there are several smaller objectives, the main target in 2022 has been vehicle safety. It began with training but encompasses a wide variety of goals.

GEOTAB is Midwest Food Bank's electronic logging device for all semi-tractors. It collects safety data such as speeding, braking, following too close, and distracted driving. MFB has achieved and maintained a goal of having a safety rating of over 93%. The national average is 89%.

Other vehicle safety measures introduced include:
• Installing dash cams in all MFB vehicles.
• Initiating a daily checklist before driving an MFB vehicle.
• Governing all semi-tractors to go no more than 70 mph.

MFB Peoria volunteer driver Steve Scheuer

Managing speed has a two-fold benefit. In addition to increasing safety, it provides fuel savings.

"We're blessed because MFB not only requires safety, they value it," says Steve Scheuer, volunteer truck driver for MFB Peoria, IL. "When I'm on the road, I'm aware that Midwest Food Bank is written on the side of my truck. I want to represent the organization well."

A focus on safety is a way of demonstrating the regard MFB has for everyone. We will continue to evaluate and enhance safeguards across MFB. 

Steve Scheuer with his grandson Cash
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