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Hurricane Florence Relief

Midwest Food Bank is actively involved in Hurricane Florence relief. We will be posting updates and volunteer opportunities here. We appreciate your interest and your involvement.  To learn more and/or to donate visit: Thank you!  

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Memories that count

Making memories that count   Having a heart for the kingdom and his students, Craig Stickling, Counselor of Broadmoor Junior High School, brought a group of 40 students to Midwest Food Bank in Bloomington-Normal. In three hours, they bagged 1,500 pounds of cereal for individual agencies and families. "I challenge our kids to really reflec...

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Trusting the Spirit

When Deidra Johnson saw an acquaintance at a school sporting event in Springfield she started a normal conversation, "How are you? I haven't seen you in a while." She quickly learned that this person had recently taken in five children from a family that was experiencing some difficult situations. In addition to her own children, this woman needed ...

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A grateful parent

Land of Promise is an organization committed to help those in need put food on the table, and has been a partner of Midwest Food Bank in the Georgia Division since 2014. The founder, Veronica Mounts, reports that they serve 1000 people each month through Nourish the Need Food Backpack Program. LaToya, a caring parent, contacted Land of Promise via ...

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Blessing and being blessed

Several Midwest Food Bank locations offer assistance to school children in need. The Backpack Program in the Bloomington-Normal division provides help to 2,635 students in 33 local schools. Students who qualify for free breakfast and lunch at the schools receive food. Volunteers come to Midwest Food Bank for a distribution of products that are shel...

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Helping D.D. feed her family

Here's is a story told by one of our partner agencies: D.D. Barber has received food for a family of eight from the South Fort Myers Food Pantry since we opened in 2010. The family has a multitude of health issues. D.D. was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago, her husband is bed ridden with heart failure, her daughter has digestive problems...

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It started with a turkey

Several time a year, Midwest Food Bank, partnering with Spread Truth Ministries, travels to New York City, NY, to deliver food and hope in the form of the gospel to those in need in the city. The mid-November trip is focused on distributing turkeys for Thanksgiving. We sometimes wonder what effect (if any), this project has on the lives of those re...

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Tornado Survivor

Tonight my wife and I had one of your dinners. It was a prepackaged chicken and rice hot meal and it was very good. I couldn't tell you how I got it but it was given to me after the tornado in Joplin, in May 2011. The tornado changed my life completely, and God has been good and faithful in all of it. The tornado destroyed my house and I lost a wif...

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International Relief

Phillipine Relief In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan devastated large portions of southeast Asia, in particular, the Philippines (where it is known as Typhoon Yolanda). We responded to the disaster back then and continue to support the rebuilding effort. Earlier in February, a shipping container from MFB arrived in the Philippines. The load in February includ...

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Lemonade Stand for Hunger

A donation from the heart One young, generous heart has started a big project. Third-grader Kate Sweitzer was touring Midwest Food Bank's Georgia Divisionwhen she heard about a need. Executive Director Will Garner was telling Kate's class about the operation of the food bank. As he was sharing the vision for the future and the need for a loading do...

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