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God's timing at MFB Morton

There were many challenges during 2020, and here at Midwest Food Bank Morton, it was no exception. However, as we look back on last year, God kept reminding us that He had it handled. "If I just stayed out of the way and didn't allow myself to get stressed, I could enjoy watching how God is always in control," says Gail Thorson, Tender Mercies...

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Mary Ann gives a warm welcome at MFB Morton

Thanks to Mary Ann Preston, a warm welcome and friendly smile greets visitors to Midwest Food Bank Morton. Mary Ann volunteers three days each week at the front desk. She not only welcomes guests in person and on the phone, but she also uses her beautiful penmanship to write "thank you" notes to volunteers and donors. "I volunteer because I en...

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MFB opens a new location in Connecticut

 As the pandemic continues, more people are learning about food insecurity and understanding what existed before COVID-19 and how more families now need assistance. A group of people in Connecticut are not just learning. They are taking action. Their willingness to serve is the reason Midwest Food Bank announced the opening of a...

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Share Partner Profile: Small gifts can have a big impact

At Midwest Food Bank, Share Partners make a continual positive impact. They donate a set amount on a regular schedule - weekly, monthly, or quarterly. If you think our Share Partners are all wealthy retirees giving huge amounts, we'd like to introduce you to Allysha. Allysha Nordyke lives in Los Angeles, CA, and works for the government. She i...

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The CARES Act tax break benefits MFB and our donors

While the impact of the Coronavirus Relief bill of March 2020 had far-reaching effects, there is a lesser-known benefit in the bill. It's a benefit that helps charitable givers AND charities $300 Charitable Giving Deduction Taxpayers who don't itemize their deductions (that's most of us) can take advantage of a special $300 tax deduction. In t...

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MFB Morton blessed through grants from the Morton Community Foundation

Standing together to meet the needs - that's what the financial support of the Morton Community Foundation means to Midwest Food Bank Morton. This year, MFB has received a total of $13,500 from the Morton Community Foundation. The Foundation can gather the funds and MFB can turn that money into meals for people that were impacted by the pandemic an...

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Eli's Donation Creation benefits MFB Morton

You can have your coffee and drink it, too!  Maybe that's cake, but anyway, you don't have to give up your coffee to make a donation to a local organization. Eli's Coffee in Morton has a Donation Creation each month and local organizations receive a portion of the profits.  Midwest Food Bank is the November recipient and the Donation Crea...

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8 ideas from MFB to enhance your Holiday season

As we near the end of 2020 it's hard to know what holidays will look like this year. The large family gatherings or church traditions may be different but one thing stays the same - the desire to bring meaning to Christmas by helping those around us. We thought it would be helpful to provide some ideas (links below) on how to give and experience ho...

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Food Deserts: Why don't they just take the bus?

The term "food desert" is becoming more common but if you don't live in a food desert, it's hard to know what that means.  A food desert is a geographical area with little to no access to healthy, affordable, nutritious food. People that live in these areas might have a corner convenience store or gas station that carries milk or limited produ...

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USDA Deputy Under Secretary visits Midwest Food Bank

Midwest Food Bank, hosted Brandon Lipps and Tim English, of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in late October. Brandon is the Deputy Under Secretary for the USDA Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services, and Tim is the Midwest Regional Administrator. Mr. Lipps reached out and requested a tour of the MFB location in Normal, Illinois after reviewing ...

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The Shop Forward blesses others through MFB

 A simple internet search, a love for fashion, and a desire to help people around the world - that's how Meri Barnes, CEO and founder of California based The Shop Forward, connected with Midwest Food Bank. The apparel company supports a variety of causes including disaster relief. The recent derecho in Iowa and hurricanes in the southeast...

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Midwest Food Bank shares a vision with the World Food Programme

Midwest Food Bank congratulates the World Food Programme for receiving the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize. We are thankful for the efforts of the WFP and fully agree that their impact is worthy of this world-class recognition. WFP is a leading humanitarian organization and addresses hunger and promotes food security worldwide. In 2019, WFP provided assista...

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MFB celebrates World Food Day 2020

Today, October 16, is World Food Day. It's an internationally recognized day in honor of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. It's celebrated by organizations concerned with food insecurity. World Food Day meshes well with of mission of alleviating hunger. This year's theme, "Grow, Nourish, Sustain. T...

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MFB's partner agencies thankful for USDA Farmers to Families Food Program

COVID-19 created a disruption in the US food supply chain. Food producers and suppliers were unable to have food processed and transported. The USDA created the Farmers to Families Food Program to support US farmers and distributors and get that food to people that need it. The program has been authorized through the end of 2020. Midwest Food Bank ...

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Volunteer finds camaraderie at MFB Morton

A common desire to serve and a sense of togetherness are a few of the reasons people volunteer at Midwest Food Bank. David Joos agrees. He helps lead other volunteers at the MFB Morton location on "Fun Fridays" – a time designated for volunteers to work on projects. Those projects may be re-packaging cookies or assembling boxes for disaster re...

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Restock the Bank event a success

Having to completely overhaul a fundraising event due to COVID-19 restrictions is an unnerving thing to do. It takes creativity. At Midwest Food Bank's Morton and Peoria divisions, the volunteer team came up with an amazing alternative, "Restock the Bank." The August 29 drive-through dinner at both locations was unique and fun and still g...

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Donating non-cash items to Midwest Food Bank

Midwest Food Bank is able to alleviate hunger for those in need due to the generous support received in the form of food donations, volunteer hours and dollar contributions. These are the key inputs to the MFB Business Model.  Some of our donors have given non-cash items to MFB. These include cars, stocks, real estate, collectibles, grain...

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The difference between hunger and food insecurity

Every industry has a "language" and food banks are no different. At Midwest Food Bank we use words like "hunger" and "food insecurity" on a regular basis. But, what do those words really mean? Hunger – This is a physical condition that is caused by a lack of food. Food Insecurity – The USDA defines this as the "lack of consistent access to enough f...

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Food Bank vs. Food Pantry: What's the difference?

When visitors come to Midwest Food Bank for the first time they are often surprised by the size of our warehouses and the amount of food on our shelves. They aren't expecting forklifts, pallets, and semi-trucks. That's when the conversation turns to the difference between a food bank and a food pantry. Food banks – Midwest Food Bank, like other foo...

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Meet the people behind the opening of MFB Pennsylvania

 A box of cereal and a smile left a lasting impression on a 7-year-old boy in New York. Fast forward to 2020 and that boy is now a man in his early 40s and Jason Serrano can recount that event with clarity. "I know that smile was because she was doing God's work," Jason says about how the woman from a church down the street came to his ho...

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