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Midwest Food Bank's unique Disaster Relief year

Typically, in July and August, Midwest Food Bank is preparing for the Disaster Relief we will provide during hurricane season. 2020 has been anything but typical. Much of our effort since March has been focused on Disaster Relief. The COVID-19 crisis has placed many people in a position of food insecurity. Thanks to your support, we have been ...

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Midwest Food Bank agencies to benefit from USDA program

Midwest Food Bank is participating in a new USDA program benefitting food suppliers as well as those in need. The program is called the Farmers to Family Food Box Program. The USDA is partnering with national, regional, and local suppliers, who have been significantly impacted by the closure of food service businesses. The USDA will purchase u...

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MFB Clay Shoot for Hunger a success

It was a beautiful day for shooting guns and raising funds. The 11th annual Clay Shoot for Hunger was held on June 13, 2020. All proceeds benefitted Peoria and Morton Midwest Food Banks. 176 shooters took part in the event, which was held at the Oak Ridge Sportsman Club in Mackinaw, IL. Following the clay shoot, participants received a to...

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Connecting with Dad at Midwest Food Bank

It's that time of year again. Articles with titles like "Top ten gifts for Dad" show up. They appear for a reason. It can be difficult finding a meaningful gift for a parent. Forgive us for adding one more suggestion to the mix. Some truly unique and purposeful time spent with Dad would be a gift to both the giver and recipient. What dad wouldn't a...

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Tender Mercies amplifies monetary donations

Do you know a nutritious, hot meal that costs 20 cents?  At Midwest Food Bank we strive to provide the best possible meal choices for people in need. One of the ways we do that is through our Tender Mercies meal packets - rice, pre-cooked pinto beans, soy protein and fortified chicken flavored seasoning. Coordinated at MFB Morton, Te...

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MFB's Tender Mercies machine "for such a time as this"

Recently we shared how the COVID-19 crisis was giving the Tender Mercies machine a workout (here). That hasn't changed as the demand for Tender Mercies continues. Looking back, that wasn't always the case. In fact, there were many days and sometimes weeks the machine sat idle. "I see now that God had this all in mind," says Gail...

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MFB welcomes a new bookkeeper

The Midwest Food Bank central team welcomes a new bookkeeper to our team: Julie Bakewell. Julie will be assisting on the central and Haiti MFB accounts. She will be working out of the Bloomington-Normal location. Julie comes to Midwest Food Bank with many years of experience in accounting and non-profit work. They include time spent at State Farm a...

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COVID-19 Disaster Relief posing unique challenges to Midwest Food Bank

This is an unprecedented season of Disaster Relief at Midwest Food Bank. Responding to the needs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is posing unique challenges.  Most states are experiencing work suspensions and quarantines, causing food insecurity. Rather than sending relief to a single disaster area, our partner, The Salvation Army, has been re...

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A letter from David Kieser

Dear Friend of Midwest Food Bank, What an extraordinary time this is! Just one short month ago, we would not have thought all of the changes we've been through were possible. And yet now many of us are sheltering in place, watching unusual events unfold. Much has changed in the 15 years since Midwest Food Bank began providing Disaster Relief after ...

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Tender Mercies packaging machine getting a workout

If you've been to the Morton warehouse of Midwest Food Bank you probably noticed the big machine that produces Tender Mercies meals. It's kind of hard to miss. That machine doesn't run itself - MFB depends on dedicated volunteers. Those volunteers not only operate the machine but they clean and maintain it, too. It's easy to talk about the numbers,...

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Tennessee agency distributing Tender Mercies

Our plans are usually not God's plans. Don Owen, director of God's Warehouse, in Morristown, Tennessee will tell you that. Owen is one of 850 volunteers in his area that serve Nolachucky Baptist Association. There are several arms to their ministries - one being disaster relief. "Quite honestly, we let the Lord direct our path," Owen says. As the C...

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MFB Morton volunteer brings skills in social media

Volunteering at Midwest Food Bank can fit into any work schedule. At MFB, we get creative when it comes to finding just the right volunteer job for every person. That's the case for JayLyn Knobloch, a third-shift nurse. Even though she works night shift at a local hospital, JayLyn wanted to volunteer at MFB. "I love the community and love what...

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Tender Mercies packing events in Morton

On the Friday before Thanksgiving 175 people arrived at Midwest Food Bank, Morton, to prepare meals that will be given to food pantries throughout central Illinois. The spirit of volunteering and helping others is prevalent during the holiday season and businesses, families, churches, college students and athletes are looking for local places to se...

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Midwest Food Bank recognized by Forbes and

Late in 2019, two business publications have recently had favorable things to say about Midwest Food Bank. published a list of "The Best Charities for Your Money in Every State." Midwest Food Bank was selected as the best charity for your money in Illinois. Based on transparency and program expense, each of the fifty chariti...

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Sharing the Blessings Banquet a success

Our final event for the year 2019 ended with a lovely banquet to benefit Midwest Food Bank Peoria and Morton. We were thrilled to be able to host the banquet in our newly renovated Peoria warehouse space. Prospect Sound and Lighting assisted with the banquet set up. Dinner guests began their evening with scrumptious hors d'oeuvres as they ming...

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Eagle Scout project at MFB Morton

The daily task of walking to the mailbox got a lot easier thanks to a local Boy Scout.  Alistair Jack, a Boy Scout in Morton, approached MFB about how he could complete an Eagle Scout project. After discussions with staff, it was decided that a sidewalk connecting the parking lot to the mailbox would be helpful and useful. The project involved...

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David Kieser shares MFB story on The Savvy Sauce Podcast

Humility = Success. This is just one of the many pieces of wisdom shared by David Kieser, Midwest Food Bank's President and Founder, during a podcast interview on The Savvy Sauce. Laura Dugger, The Savvy Sauce host, invited David to share some of the "God stories" he has experienced at MFB. During the 84th episode of the weekly podcast, David ...

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Why nutrition matters to Midwest Food Bank

Midwest Food Bank is committed to helping the hungry of this world. However, we're concerned with more than just how much food we can provide. Our mission is to alleviate hunger AND malnutrition. Alongside our dedication to filling empty stomachs, we're focused on the nutritional quality of our products.  Think about your own grocery shopping....

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Midwest Food Bank welcomes new IT/Executive Director

Midwest Food Bank welcomes Lisa Martin to our family of employees. As the New Executive Director of the Morton location, Lisa will coordinate operations there. Responsibilities include directing warehouse and volunteer activity, community outreach, and overseeing financial and budgetary operations. Additionally, Lisa will serve ...

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Tender Mercies' partnership with Bradley students

Not all student learning happens in a classroom. Learning outside the classroom helps to plug students into their world. Among other things, it helps students develop skills in a widening range of environments. While volunteering at a Tender Mercies packing event is not necessarily academic, students who participate often leave with an enriche...

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