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Georgia Division gets Cold Storage

God is so good! We are excited to announce that the Georgia Division is now in the perishable food business. Because of generous donations, we installed two-40 foot cold storage containers behind our main warehouse. These containers can store up to one and a half semi loads of cold and/or frozen food. Up until this time, we were unable to accept la...

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Increasing our Capacity to Serve

The Midwest Food Bank – Georgia Division has installed more storage racks in their main warehouse. These additional racks will hold up to 80 pallets of food. With this increased storage capacity, the Georgia Division can store over 40 semi-truck loads of food and disaster relief supplies. As always, BIG THANKS to our volunteers who daily give of th...

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Special Distribution to Camp Grace

 This month, Midwest Food Bank (MFB) had the incredible opportunity to visit one of our most unique agencies; Camp Grace. Rather than serving Camp Grace at load out week, we brought a special distribution to them so we could get to know their needs, and see what God is doing at the camp! Thirty camp counselors helped unload our special distrib...

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May Load Out Success!

The month of May has been one of change and expansion here at Midwest Food Bank (MFB). Load out week was a resounding success, in which Midwest served 19 new agencies, and added a Thursday load out to accommodate new nonprofit agency partners. Load out week allows us to connect with the agencies we serve, and is a time to feel the power of God at w...

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MFB Brings the Food Bank to Eaton's Cooper Lighting

Here at Midwest Food Bank (MFB), we are always amazed and thankful for the amount of volunteers that walk through our doors. People from all walks of life donate their time and effort for our cause. While we see many families and ministries come to volunteer, we also receive a tremendous amount of service from community partnerships. One of our com...

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First Quarter Blessings

 We give God all the glory and honor for all the success we have experienced here at the Georgia Division so far this year. We must acknowledge our wonderful volunteers, private donors and the financial support we have received from Clothes Less Traveled Thrift Store. The first 4 months of 2015 have been incredible when compared to the numbers...

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June Newsletter

Letter from the Executive Director "My Privilege and Our Potential" I have had the privilege of being part of the Midwest Food Bank family for almost 3 years now. I've searched for a word that best describes this organization. The only word that keeps coming up is "SPECIAL". This is a special place, it is a special organization, started by a specia...

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May Newsletter

 Volunteer Spotlight "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." –Dr. Suess Our volunteers do care a whole awful lot…already this year we have been blessed by over 1,432 different volunteers serving for 10,420 hours.

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Small guy with a big heart

When donations come from children, they really touch our hearts. It is special to see them learning unselfishness and compassion at a young age. And it reminds us of how we want to be as adults. One such donation came in to our facility recently. AJ Crowe turned his 11th birthday party into an opportunity to bless others. He brought in a donation o...

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Expansion Project

Here are a few photos of our expansion project. It is very exciting to see the progress on the building, knowing that in the very near future, tens of thousands of pounds of food will begin flowing across the loading dock to help feed hungry people. Please consider making a donation to help us cover the cost of the expansion. 

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What the Lord has done

"This is the Lord's doing; it is marvellous in our eyes." - Psalm 118:23 In 2003, David Kieser and his family stepped out in faith to start Midwest Food Bank out of their family farm in Mclean County, Illinois. Food donations are gathered and freely distributed to agencies to give away. In the last 14 years, MFB has grown into 8 different loca...

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Why we do what we do

People in difficult life circumstances often feel as though no one is on their side. The thought, "Who cares?" must run through their minds. At Midwest Food Bank, we want to respond with a reassuring, "We do!" We care, and that's why we do what we do. How many people appreciate what foster families really do for kids? We do, and that's why we suppo...

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