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MFB welcomes a new bookkeeper

The Midwest Food Bank central team welcomes a new bookkeeper to our team: Julie Bakewell. Julie will be assisting on the central and Haiti MFB accounts. She will be working out of the Bloomington-Normal location. Julie comes to Midwest Food Bank with many years of experience in accounting and non-profit work. They include time spent at State Farm a...

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COVID-19 Disaster Relief posing unique challenges to Midwest Food Bank

This is an unprecedented season of Disaster Relief at Midwest Food Bank. Responding to the needs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is posing unique challenges.  Most states are experiencing work suspensions and quarantines, causing food insecurity. Rather than sending relief to a single disaster area, our partner, The Salvation Army, has been re...

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A letter from David Kieser

Dear Friend of Midwest Food Bank, What an extraordinary time this is! Just one short month ago, we would not have thought all of the changes we've been through were possible. And yet now many of us are sheltering in place, watching unusual events unfold. Much has changed in the 15 years since Midwest Food Bank began providing Disaster Relief after ...

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MFB Georgia agency in Tennessee distributes Tender Mercies

 Our plans are usually not God's plans. Don Owen, director of God's Warehouse, in Morristown, Tennessee will tell you that. Owen is one of 850 volunteers in his area that serve Nolachucky Baptist Association. There are several arms to their ministries - one being disaster relief. "Quite honestly, we let the Lord direct our path," Owen say...

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Update – Impacting our Community

We launched the Impacting our Community campaign last summer. We are excited about the progress that has been made. Phase I of the construction project is building a 4,500 sq.ft. freezer/refrigerator. We have raised 75% of the funds needed to complete the freezer project. Our goal is to break ground and begin construction in the Spring and have Pha...

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2020 - Stepping out in faith

In 2011, Midwest Food Bank stepped out in faith and purchased two big empty buildings on 4½ acres in Peachtree City, Georgia trusting that God would do something special here. He has. Over the past eight years, we have distributed over $75 million dollars worth of food to this region. It's time for Midwest Food Bank to once again step out in f...

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2019 - Thanks for your support

Because of our faithful donors and volunteers, the lives of hundreds of thousands people were touched. In 2019, the Georgia Division distributed over $18 million in food serving over 300 nonprofit organizations from 56 counties in 6 states. We had just over 4,000 different volunteers serve for over 46,000 hours. Thanks to all who helped "Share the ...

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Midwest Food Bank recognized by Forbes and

Late in 2019, two business publications have recently had favorable things to say about Midwest Food Bank. published a list of "The Best Charities for Your Money in Every State." Midwest Food Bank was selected as the best charity for your money in Illinois. Based on transparency and program expense, each of the fifty chariti...

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The "core" of Midwest Food Bank Georgia

Our staff of 5 employees could not operate a multi-million dollar distribution center without the help of a very special group of volunteers we call "The Core". They fulfill the tasks of an office administrators, an inventory team, an IT department, a cleaning crew, volunteer group leaders, forklift drivers, a facilities maintenance team, landscape...

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Food Source Connections - A call to action

Did you know that Midwest Food Bank partners with large corporations and businesses to secure food donations? MFB is committed to providing quality food and products to the many food pantries and food serving programs in our state, free of charge! Our food donor partners make that happen.Currently MFB Georgia has about 30 organizations on our ...

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The "core" of Midwest Food Bank Georgia

Our staff of 5 employees could not operate a multi-million dollar distribution center without the help of a very special group of volunteers we call "The Core". They fulfill the tasks of an office administrators, an inventory team, an IT department, a cleaning crew, volunteer group leaders, forklift drivers, a facilities maintenance team, land...

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Harvest of Blessings a success

 Midwest Food Bank Georgia was blessed with 170 guests and speaker Trudy Cathy White in October for our Annual Harvest of Blessings dinner at the warehouse. White is the daughter of Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy and a native Georgian. As a business founded on Christian principles as well as meeting the needs of others, families...

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David Kieser shares MFB story on The Savvy Sauce Podcast

Humility = Success. This is just one of the many pieces of wisdom shared by David Kieser, Midwest Food Bank's President and Founder, during a podcast interview on The Savvy Sauce. Laura Dugger, The Savvy Sauce host, invited David to share some of the "God stories" he has experienced at MFB. During the 84th episode of the weekly podcast, David ...

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Why nutrition matters to Midwest Food Bank

Midwest Food Bank is committed to helping the hungry of this world. However, we're concerned with more than just how much food we can provide. Our mission is to alleviate hunger AND malnutrition. Alongside our dedication to filling empty stomachs, we're focused on the nutritional quality of our products.  Think about your own grocery shopping....

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Midwest Food Bank welcomes new IT/Executive Director

Midwest Food Bank welcomes Lisa Martin to our family of employees. As the New Executive Director of the Morton location, Lisa will coordinate operations there. Responsibilities include directing warehouse and volunteer activity, community outreach, and overseeing financial and budgetary operations. Additionally, Lisa will serve ...

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Midwest Food Bank Georgia - Impacting Our Community

In 2011, Bloomington, Illinois-based Midwest Food Bank, stepped out in faith and purchased two empty buildings on four acres in Peachtree City, Georgia. In October of that year, MFB Georgia began serving the 9 area food pantries. Today, we distribute food monthly to over 300 non-profit organizations in six states. The Lord answered o...

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MFB Georgia on WXIA 11Alive

Midwest Food Bank Georgia was featured in a video segment recently on Atlanta & company on WXIA 11Alive. MFB President and CEO, David Keiser, and MFB Georgia Executive Director, Will Garner, went to the TV studios for the interview. We are thankful for the opportunity to share our history and vision of future work in Georgia. It was also a grea...

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MFB Georgia is "Impacting Our Community"

To help those struggling with food insecurity, Midwest Food Bank Georgia currently serves over 300 partner non-profit organizations each month, who are impacting 56 counties in 6 states. Soon, we hope to have an even greater impact by increasing the nutritional value of the food we distribute. We have an opportunity to repurpose 11,000 sq. ft. of w...

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Midwest Food Bank's Values

By definition, values are important beliefs or ideals one has about what is good or bad, desirable or undesirable. They have a a major influence on one's behavior and attitude and serve as broad guidelines in all situations. In the first half of 2019, the Midwest Food Bank National Board of Directors reviewed and refined the organization's values. ...

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Midwest Food Bank Georgia hosts Tender Mercies packing event

Southern hospitality was at its best when Gail Thorson, Tender Mercies Coordinator at Midwest Food Bank Morton, IL, traveled to Peachtree City, Georgia to work alongside staff and volunteers at MFB Georgia. The trip was made to help facilitate a Tender Mercies packing event at MFB Georgia. Tender Mercies is Midwest Food Bank's highly nutritious mea...

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