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Building strong children

Turning Early Years Scars into Stars. This hopeful motto is displayed on the wall at Little Rock, an Inclusive Early Child Development Centre. Midwest Food Bank East Africa partners with Little Rock, located in Kibera the largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya. However, the founder of Little Rock, Lilly Oyare, refers to the neighborhood of Kibera...

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Hurricane Florence Relief

Midwest Food Bank is actively involved in Hurricane Florence relief. We will be posting updates and volunteer opportunities here. We appreciate your interest and your involvement.  To learn more and/or to donate visit: Thank you!  

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Helping the drought-stricken

Kenya and the surrounding region is experiencing hunger brought on by prolonged drought. More than 2.5 million people are facing crisis levels of food insecurity. People are reducing the amount of food they eat, with many families eating only one meal per day. Midwest Food bank East Africa has been blessed to have the support of Ridgeways Baptist C...

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The older helping the younger

On December 5, 2017, Kapu Africa board member Denny Mott and his wife, Beth, visited a home for the elderly in Nairobi's Pangani slum area. An Austrian nun started the home years ago, and it now houses 74 people. The Motts were shown the clean rooms each resident shares with another. They also were shown the kitchen and outdoor general sitting area...

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Hearts for helping

How does an orphanage get its start? What is the spark that sets in motion a ministry so big? For the Reverend julius Mbaya and his wife, Tabitha, the answer is easy: there was a need. Several years ago Julius retired from his church ministry and another pastor took his place. After some time the new pastor said the church couldn't continue feeding...

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Christine and Godwin: Serving with love

Since the founding of Kapu Africa, Midwest Food Bank's East Africa division, Christine Mutsoli has been an amazing help. Christine, Kapu Africa's Executive Director, was educated in the USA. She has a Master's Degree in Microbiology from the University of Texas, and worked in the US for several years. In all of this, God was preparing her to be the...

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Kapu Africa Farm Project

Kapu Africa Farm Project Earlier this year we became aware of an opportunity to acquire a long-term lease on a large tract of land. The Kenyan government has an initiative called Food Security 2030…essentially focused on eliminating the need for food imports into Kenya by the year 2030. Kenya has massive food production shortfalls, the worst being ...

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October 2015 Newsletter

Dear Family, Friends and Faithful Supporters, Thank you all so very much for your prayers, kind words, and financial support. With help from each of you the lives of thousands of Nairobi's poorest children are a little brighter. You'll notice a new look to our newsletter. Our projects are simply getting too big to report in detail in a single, mean...

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Launch of our New Site!

Welcome to the new home of all things Kapu Africa. Check back here for trip updates, new photos, and news stories. If Kapu Africa has been on your heart, you can also visit our donation page here. We appreciate any and all support and are looking forward to seeing where God will take us.

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March 2015 Newsletter

Hi everyone. Below you'll find the March 2015 newsletter from Midwest Food Bank's East Africa Division. We really can't adequately express our appreciation for your prayers and financial support. The kids in the schools we work with in Nairobi Kenya are the poorest of an impoverished nation, and the meals they get at school are often the only meals...

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Tender Mercies Kenya

TENDER MERCIES KENYA Developed in the US by Midwest Food Bank, with corporate and university support Fully nutritious, vitamin enriched meal, packaged in Kenya with East African ingredients. Cooking only requires boiling in water for 25 minutes. One serving costs $.18, is filling, and provides 274 calories for growth and nourishment. 60 calories co...

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Crocodile Meat Project

CROCODILE MEAT PROJECT Revised Timetable The crocodile farm providing the crocodile carcasses for our meat processing plant has decided to delay first slaughter until early 2016 to give their stock time to grow to optimum skinning size for their leather goods business. Tragic loss While we're disappointed, the delay actually gives us time to re-gro...

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Spring 2017 Kapu Africa Newsletter

DONATE NOW Dear Family, Friends and Faithful Supporters, It has been nearly a year since our last newsletter, and we apologize. A lot has happened. East Africa Drought Much of East Africa has been gripped by a severe drought since early to mid-2016. Some farming regions have had no rain since February 2016. As a result, the normally steady supply o...

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