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June 2019 Update

2019 shipments Tender Mercies is the mainstay of our feeding efforts in Haiti. Tender Mercies is a low-cost, high-nutrition meal packet of chicken-seasoned rice and beans fortified with vitamins and protein. The third sea-container of 2019 is now in Haiti. These shipments have included over a half million servings of Tender Mercies. Storing the mea...

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Kieser family wins Distinguished Service Award

The family of Midwest Food Bank founder and president, David Kieser, was honored at the McLean County Republican Party Lincoln Reagan Dinner. Held Friday, May 17, the dinner included a presentation by  White House Chef Martin Mongiello, and a silent auction.  Chosen from among eight other nominees, the David Kieser family was one of ...

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Unrest in Haiti provides opportunity

Food, fuel and water shortages continue in Haiti. This has been exacerbated by recent unrest, protest and road blockages. In the past 18 months, food prices have increased by more than 100%. A praise out of this otherwise desperate time is that Midwest Food Bank Haiti had a surplus inventory of 350 boxes of Tender Mercies (63,000 servings) at ...

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On February 22 & 23, 2019, over 300 volunteers from Eastview Christian Church participated in a Tender Mercies Packing event called Pack-a-Pallet, at Midwest Food Bank's warehouse in Normal. The Friday night and Saturday day event was in partnership with Midwest Food Bank, Haitian Christian Ministries, and Eastview Church. Packing meals is one ...

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Board meeting focused on Head & Heart

Where there is no guidance, a people falls,but in an abundance of counselors there is safety."-Proverbs 13:14​​Midwest Food Bank's National Board met for an annual strategy session in February. The gathering of the nine board members was a time to reflect on the MFB mission and faithfully look forward to the future. Humbled by the growth in the fir...

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Share Partners offer unique blessings to MFB

Midwest Food Bank donors come in all shapes and sizes (and amounts!). We appreciate the heart each one has for those struggling with food insecurity. Donated funds, great and small, are treated with respect and what we hope is good stewardship.​There is a unique subset of donors we'd like to take a moment to highlight. These are generous folks who ...

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MFB Haiti operation growing

As we enter 2019, we reflect on the abundant blessings God provided Midwest Food Bank Haiti in 2018. Highlights of the past year include delivery of five sea containers holding 100 tons of food which helped to feed over 4,000 food insecure Haitians. The primary demographic served by the distribution of this food is children enrolled in school. For ...

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Hurricane Florence Relief

Midwest Food Bank is actively involved in Hurricane Florence relief. We will be posting updates and volunteer opportunities here. We appreciate your interest and your involvement.  To learn more and/or to donate visit: Thank you!  

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Milestone first shipment made

Since the introduction of the new Haiti division late last year, there have been many requests from U.S. sponsored organizations operating in Haiti for food to assist their various ministries in Haiti. In early January, MFB Morton division's hand and automated Tender Mercies packing moved into high gear, packaging nearly 22 tons of Tender Mercies (...

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Midwest Food Bank Haiti begins

Midwest Food Bank is pleased to announce plans for a new location in Haiti. The Haiti division, founded in December 2017 is Midwest Food Bank's ninth division and second international division. The initial focus is to provide or supplement Haitian faith-based school lunch programs. This will allow the schools to redirect limited funds from food to ...

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