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Volunteers getting MFB Pennsylvania ready

Midwest Food Bank Pennsylvania has much to be thankful for as we head into the holiday season. We have secured a lease on a warehouse, we are now fully staffed, and we will soon be ready to share the blessings of abundance with others throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Our new facility is coming together. Pallet jacks, warehouse r...

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MFB Indiana Volunteer spotlight: Jeff Davis

Here at Midwest Food Bank, we can't say enough about the many volunteers that walk through our door. They not only do essential tasks but their attitudes and spirit are beyond measure. Jeff Davis is one of those volunteers.  We were humbled recently to learn he shared his thoughts about MFB in a letter to the editor, Indianapolis Star. Here is...

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MFB Morton blessed through grants from the Morton Community Foundation

Standing together to meet the needs - that's what the financial support of the Morton Community Foundation means to Midwest Food Bank Morton. This year, MFB has received a total of $13,500 from the Morton Community Foundation. The Foundation can gather the funds and MFB can turn that money into meals for people that were impacted by the pandemic an...

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Eli's Donation Creation benefits MFB Morton

You can have your coffee and drink it, too!  Maybe that's cake, but anyway, you don't have to give up your coffee to make a donation to a local organization. Eli's Coffee in Morton has a Donation Creation each month and local organizations receive a portion of the profits.  Midwest Food Bank is the November recipient and the Donation Crea...

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New space allowing MFB Indiana more volunteer groups

MFB Indiana recently expanded into a second warehouse (story here). This new space has allowed us to host larger groups. Recently, we had the blessing of being able to fill Disaster Relief boxes to be distributed through our partnership with The Salvation Army. In October, over 1,200 Family Food Boxes were filled by a variety of volunteer groups. T...

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5 ways to champion Midwest Food Bank this holiday season

WOW, I HAD NO IDEA! These are the words that invariably come out of the mouth of first-time visitors to Midwest Food Bank. Do you remember the first time you walked in? Many in our local community and throughout the Greater Atlanta region have no idea of the magnitude of goodness that is happening every day in a small warehouse in Peachtree City, G...

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Leave a prayer, take a prayer

We all have seen them. The little penny dish at your local gas station or convenience store.The one when you get that icy cold beverage and you end up with a fistful of change. Or when we find ourselves just a little short when the tax is figured in and we need that penny or two so we don't need to break our bigger bills. We think nothing of droppi...

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MFB Florida hosts Volunteer Lunch

Over 99ยข of each dollar donated goes toward our programs and services. How are we able to do that? Volunteers! Our dedicated volunteers do everything - answering phones, packing and distributing food, driving forklifts and semis, and so much more. Due to pandemic safety protocols, our volunteers have been stretched thin this year. To thank them, MF...

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MFB Haiti supporting new partnering ministries

As COVID grinds on and brings growing anxiousness and hardship to much of the world, MFB Haiti is thankful to report that year-over-year our sea-container shipments of food to Haiti have doubled. In 2020, over 160 tons of food relief have been shipped, received, and distributed by our Haiti faith-based partners. Nearly three-quarters of the shipmen...

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MFB Texas hires operations manager

Midwest Food Bank Texas welcomes Ken Fickle to the staff. He will serve as the Operations Manager overseeing all aspects of the warehouse as well as provide support for the growing volunteer base. His professional experience in transportation, supply chain logistics, and inventory controls will be an asset to our organization. "I have tol...

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God's love is multiplied at the MFB Peoria

Mid-March 2020 at the very beginning of the Pandemic, Bill Wuthrich heard through Pete Brown, a volunteer driver at Midwest Food Bank Peoria, of the great need for warehouse people. Two of the three main people were out of the picture due to heart surgery and Covid 19 quarantine. Bill started volunteering forty hours a week. A month later, Sandy Je...

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Community helps MFB Give Thanks

In a nearly decade-long tradition, Midwest Food Bank joined local organizations to provide Thanksgiving meals to those in need. This tradition (now called "Give Thanks") has grown over time, as have the organizations involved. Last weekend, MFB, in partnership with Home Sweet Home Ministries and Thrivent, held Give Thanks 2...

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8 ideas from MFB to enhance your Holiday season

As we near the end of 2020 it's hard to know what holidays will look like this year. The large family gatherings or church traditions may be different but one thing stays the same - the desire to bring meaning to Christmas by helping those around us. We thought it would be helpful to provide some ideas (links below) on how to give and experience ho...

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Food Deserts: Why don't they just take the bus?

The term "food desert" is becoming more common but if you don't live in a food desert, it's hard to know what that means.  A food desert is a geographical area with little to no access to healthy, affordable, nutritious food. People that live in these areas might have a corner convenience store or gas station that carries milk or limited produ...

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MFB participates in discussion on food insecurity, food deserts

A Peoria, Illinois church launched a series of forums this fall that encourages their congregation to pause and understand the needs around them and how they can take action to honor God. Richwoods Christian Church started its Community Impact Series by learning about food insecurity, food deserts, WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) program, meals ...

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USDA Deputy Under Secretary visits Midwest Food Bank

Midwest Food Bank, hosted Brandon Lipps and Tim English, of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in late October. Brandon is the Deputy Under Secretary for the USDA Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services, and Tim is the Midwest Regional Administrator. Mr. Lipps reached out and requested a tour of the MFB location in Normal, Illinois after reviewing ...

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The Shop Forward blesses others through MFB

 A simple internet search, a love for fashion, and a desire to help people around the world - that's how Meri Barnes, CEO and founder of California based The Shop Forward, connected with Midwest Food Bank. The apparel company supports a variety of causes including disaster relief. The recent derecho in Iowa and hurricanes in the southeast...

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Midwest Food Bank shares a vision with the World Food Programme

Midwest Food Bank congratulates the World Food Programme for receiving the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize. We are thankful for the efforts of the WFP and fully agree that their impact is worthy of this world-class recognition. WFP is a leading humanitarian organization and addresses hunger and promotes food security worldwide. In 2019, WFP provided assista...

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MFB celebrates World Food Day 2020

Today, October 16, is World Food Day. It's an internationally recognized day in honor of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. It's celebrated by organizations concerned with food insecurity. World Food Day meshes well with of mission of alleviating hunger. This year's theme, "Grow, Nourish, Sustain. T...

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MFB's partner agencies thankful for USDA Farmers to Families Food Program

COVID-19 created a disruption in the US food supply chain. Food producers and suppliers were unable to have food processed and transported. The USDA created the Farmers to Families Food Program to support US farmers and distributors and get that food to people that need it. The program has been authorized through the end of 2020. Midwest Food Bank ...

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