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Unique Programs at the Indiana Location


While Midwest Food Bank has a distinct mission and a steady set of values as an organization, God’s guidance has taken each of our locations on its own path of discovery and growth. We are proud that our community has provided enough support and volunteerism to fuel our own unique programs. Exclusive to the Bloomington location, these programs started as ideas from our volunteers and grew into compassionate acts of care that reach worldwide.

Promise for Protein

How it works:

  • Provides animal donations and the logistics necessary to convert these donated animals into packaged protein for those in need. 100% of monetary donations are used to convert the donated animals into packaged meat. Midwest Food Bank then receives the meat and stores it at their facility in large freezers until they distribute it to over 250 food banks, pantries, and shelters in Indiana. Learn More.

How you can help:

  • Promise for Protein is looking for companies that would like to become company sponsors or individuals that would like to make monetary donations. 100% of your sponsorships and donations will be used to provide meals to Midwest Food Bank for distribution to those non-profit agencies that serve those in need. All donations are tax-deductible and a contribution receipt will be provided to fulfill tax requirements.
  • Help distribute food at the Midwest Food Bank to over 250 food pantries and shelters located in over 52 counties in Indiana.

How to donate:

  • Online at Promise for Protein or Midwest Food Bank.
  • Funds can also be mailed directly to Midwest Food Bank. Please designate donations - Promise for Protein to organize processing.

What do you get?

  • Organizations or individual who wish to participate in Promise for Protein will receive a tax deduction for gifts given to Midwest Food Bank. Companies and individual who provide support to Promise for Protein will be recognized in the marketing materials including the website, social media, and other packaging.

Sustainers of Hope

We are able to provide the food through the generosity of businesses, churches and individuals who donate food, time, and in-kind gifts, and funding. We estimate approximately 70,000 people are helped on a monthly basis.

About the Team:

The Sustainers of Hope team has been established for the purpose of ensuring the viability of Midwest Food Bank of Indianapolis, through provision of funds for annual operating cost.

Becoming a part of the Sustainers of Hope team involves an initial commitment to a three-year sponsorship of $5,000 per year, which is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Your $5,000 results in approximately $150,000 of food being distributed to the needy.

You will receive quarterly communication about the ministry results. We hope through this partnership during the three years, you will make another commitment for three more years as you see the impact of your support. A board member will contact you during the third year for a conversation to confirm your continued involvement.

Involvement Means:

With 50 – 60 members of the Sustainer of Hope Team, the Board of the Midwest Food Bank will:

  • Have confidence that the monthly payroll, utility, facility and vehicle maintenance, fuel, supplies, other costs, and selected food purchase will be covered.
  • Focus their time on strategic and tactical planning and ideas to make the ministry more effective and efficient.

Next Steps:

We ask that you prayerfully consider becoming part of the Sustainers of Hope Team. Please contact our Executive Director John Whitaker, at 317-786-8980, if you have any questions or would like additional information.

Remote Distributions

In an effort to serve more agencies, Midwest Food Bank has several off-site places where agencies can pick up food. They are usually operated out of borrowed warehouse space. Food is delivered to the site for a montly distribution, and volunteers facilitate it. Remote distributions offer Midwest Food Bank a cost-effective means of expanding our impact and reach. Midwest Food Bank Indiana currently has four remote distributions. They are:

Francesville, IN
Greenwood, IN
Milford, IN
Vincennes, IN