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MFB Nutrition interns add support

We continue to utilize the help of volunteer nutrition and dietetics interns to enrich our services to the pantries we serve. This semester's interns have pioneered a new agency/client newsletter, featuring powerhouse foods, recipes featuring products we distribute, and food safety tips. They have also made themselves available to our agencies by p...

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David Kieser shares MFB story on The Savvy Sauce Podcast

Humility = Success. This is just one of the many pieces of wisdom shared by David Kieser, Midwest Food Bank's President and Founder, during a podcast interview on The Savvy Sauce. Laura Dugger, The Savvy Sauce host, invited David to share some of the "God stories" he has experienced at MFB. During the 84th episode of the weekly podcast, David ...

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Please help Give Thanks

When you gather with family and friends to give thanks this year, will there be food on the table? Sounds like a ridiculous question, but for many local families, it is not. Last year, Midwest Food Bank Bloomington-Normal partnered with Home Sweet Home Ministries to provide 2,200 Thanksgiving meal boxes to local families through the Give Thanks pro...

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Midwest Food Bank maximizes donations

Midwest Food Bank Bloomington-Normal recently received a donation from Compeer Financial. The gift came from their social media campaign in June called #GiveGallons. For every person who used that hashtag with a picture of themselves enjoying a dairy product, Compeer Financial donated two gallons of milk. Tara Ingham, Executive Director o...

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Why nutrition matters to Midwest Food Bank

Midwest Food Bank is committed to helping the hungry of this world. However, we're concerned with more than just how much food we can provide. Our mission is to alleviate hunger AND malnutrition. Alongside our dedication to filling empty stomachs, we're focused on the nutritional quality of our products.  Think about your own grocery shopping....

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Midwest Food Bank welcomes new IT/Executive Director

Midwest Food Bank welcomes Lisa Martin to our family of employees. As the New Executive Director of the Morton location, Lisa will coordinate operations there. Responsibilities include directing warehouse and volunteer activity, community outreach, and overseeing financial and budgetary operations. Additionally, Lisa will serve ...

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Boys and Girls Club gives back

This summer, Midwest Food Bank Bloomington-Normal was blessed to offer a volunteer opportunity to at-risk youth. About 75 children and staff from the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington were invited to spend some time serving others, eating a lunch together and having some fun. The children packaged MFB's Tender Mercies meals. Th...

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Dot Foods a valuable MFB partner

According to USDA studies, more than 150 tons of food is wasted in the U.S. each day. As a feeding ministry, it is important to the mission of Midwest Food Bank to reclaim some of that food. Dot Foods, located in Mount Sterling, IL, is a food distributor serving businesses in food service, retail, vending and food ingredient channels. As the n...

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Midwest Food Bank serving missions in New York City

For a number of years, Midwest Food Bank Bloomington has been supporting  missions in New York City. This is done in partnership with Spread Truth Ministries of Bloomington. Both ministries are committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus, making their partnership a natural fit. Several times a year, a different group of volunteers travels to Ne...

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Midwest Food Bank's Values

By definition, values are important beliefs or ideals one has about what is good or bad, desirable or undesirable. They have a a major influence on one's behavior and attitude and serve as broad guidelines in all situations. In the first half of 2019, the Midwest Food Bank National Board of Directors reviewed and refined the organization's values. ...

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Kate Walder focuses on nutrition during her internship

What do foods like bok choy, oat milk, dried beans, and leeks all have in common? They are all unsung heroes, packed full of nutrition yet typically overlooked on our distribution line. Why? Perhaps they are a bit unfamiliar to many, but we are working to change that. The Bloomington-Normal location has been blessed to have Kate Walder join us for ...

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MFB Bloomington-Normal welcomes Volunteer Coordinator

Midwest Food Bank Bloomington-Normal extends a warm welcome to our new Volunteer Coordinator, Davis Dossett. His duties will include scheduling and training volunteers, and scheduling Community Center spaces, in addition to office work. Davis will be working weekdays from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. to assist with evening volunteer and Community C...

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Enbridge blesses MFB Bloomington-Normal

Enbridge employees from Pontiac, IL volunteered on May 29 in a very unique way—by offering to do a 4 hour, skilled labor project. Most volunteer groups help repackage food, pack boxes, and complete other food distribution projects for a couple hours. We are blessed with all the groups that help! Enbridge takes volunteering at MFB a step further by ...

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Grants increase nutritional offerings to students

Two grants were recently awarded to Midwest Food Bank's Backpack Program. Illinois Prairie Community Foundation's gift of $3000 and Kiwanis Bloomington Golden K's gift of $1500 will both help to purchase of a shelf-stable fruit product as a new addition to the program for the 2019-2020 school year.  The Backpack Program provides food for the w...

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Kieser family wins Distinguished Service Award

The family of Midwest Food Bank founder and president, David Kieser, was honored at the McLean County Republican Party Lincoln Reagan Dinner. Held Friday, May 17, the dinner included a presentation by  White House Chef Martin Mongiello, and a silent auction.  Chosen from among eight other nominees, the David Kieser family was one of ...

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Volunteers, donors make Gala a success

Midwest Food Bank Bloomington Normal held their annual Gala Dinner and Auction on Saturday, April 6, 2019. Upon arriving, guests enjoyed appetizers while perusing and bidding on silent auction items.  Upon being seated for the dinner, Gala attendees heard a first-hand account of needs in their community. Megan Whitecotton from Danvers Com...

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Board meeting focused on Head & Heart

Where there is no guidance, a people falls,but in an abundance of counselors there is safety."-Proverbs 13:14​​Midwest Food Bank's National Board met for an annual strategy session in February. The gathering of the nine board members was a time to reflect on the MFB mission and faithfully look forward to the future. Humbled by the growth in the fir...

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Share Partners offer unique blessings to MFB

Midwest Food Bank donors come in all shapes and sizes (and amounts!). We appreciate the heart each one has for those struggling with food insecurity. Donated funds, great and small, are treated with respect and what we hope is good stewardship.​There is a unique subset of donors we'd like to take a moment to highlight. These are generous folks who ...

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Shaping tomorrow's leaders

Investing time in someone is a great way to show you care. Lloyd Williams is investing in some young men in our community. Lloyd, a basketball coach, recently began using Midwest Food Bank Bloomington-Normal's Community Center for basketball practice, bringing a group of eighth grade boys to play each week. Someone who does this must have a lot of ...

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DOT Foods a great partner

Most people have never heard of DOT Foods in Mt. Sterling, Illinois. Midwest Food Bank is fortunate to have a partnership with DOT Foods which is the largest food serve redistribution company in the United States.  DOT Foods employs 4,200 people and was founded in 1960 by Robert and Dorothy Tracy. On average about two semi-loads of food are do...

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